Wine Becomes Britain’s Most Popular Drink

New data has shown the Ideal Wine Company that the impossible has happened; wine has overtaken beer to become Britain’s most popular drink!

Uphill struggle

Living and working as a provider of fine wines from around the world who’s based in the UK, the Ideal Wine Company has learned that promoting wine in this country can be something of an uphill struggle.

Tradition dictates that the UK is a nation of beer drinkers. Our parents, their parents, their parents and so on and so forth whiled away their nights down the local pub throughout their entire lives and it wasn’t wine they were drinking.

Wine beats beer!

Yet new data suggests that we’ve finally reached the top of the hill. Aided by the rise of Argentine wine, wine has overtaken beer to become Britain’s most popular alcoholic drink.

Recently the Telegraph reported that a new survey by polling firm YouGov has revealed that six out of ten respondents when asked what their ‘drink of choice’ was responded by saying wine. Over half of respondents in every British region designated wine their ‘drink of choice.’

Argentinian wines become more popular

Statistics from retail analysts Nielson showed that part of the reason for this change may be the rise in popularity of Argentinian wines. Demand for wines from the South American nation increased 35% in the space of a year.

Explaining this trend, Tom Waugh, Tesco’s Argentinian wine buyer, who noted that sales of Argentinian wines were up 70% at his supermarket said that “in the last few years there has been a major revival for steak houses which first became popular over here more than 40 years ago, and in particular those from Argentina which are doing well in larger cities across the UK.” Waugh went on to elaborate that “this has had a direct effect on helping popularise the country’s wines.”

More people coming to value wine

As such we can see why wine is now Britain’s most popular drink. More people are coming to realise that wine is a luxurious drink destined to take your taste buds on an adventure they’ll never forget!


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