Why Do People Feel the Need to Take Wine Away from the Bottle?

Here at the Ideal Wine Company we seek to provide you with a luxury product. The wines we bring to you are from some of the most reputable vineyards in the world and as such they are some of the best wines you can ever hope to store in your cellars. At the Ideal Wine Company we value quality over efficiency; yes it may cost more to bring a certain bottle to you and it may come at a price that reflects that effort and quality, but that’s the point. The price for a good bottle of wine really does reflect the effort and skill that went into making it as well as the quality of the final result.

That’s why it seems slightly odd to us that many in the lower end of the wine industry are lowering the quality of their product. We perfectly understand the reason why; lowering the quality means that you get away with charging less and appealing to the less affluent market, its smart business. However there seems to be a real lack of pride in ownership of the product and nothing suggests this more clearly than the box of wine phenomenon.

The box of wine idea has been around for years and it has been a big winner for those companies looking to sell a sub-par product at a price that means people will buy it in droves. Naturally, the real problem is the quality of the product. As less time and energy go into making it and as it is made from grapes that are known to yield a less desirable result, the quality goes down. For those of us in the wine market this is disheartening, however it is a fact of life. However you have to draw a line somewhere and we draw it at canned wine.

You may ask what we’re talking about so we’ll tell you. Yesterday the Daily Mail printed an article that suggests that wine producers are currently considering ‘canned wine.’ This would basically be wine that you can get in a can like a popular soft drink, only wine canned drink instead. This is a step too far. Even with boxed wine there is still a sense that you are drinking a product with a certain history and purpose. You lose this with canned wine because the very idea itself reminds the consumer of commercialism and soft drinks. It may be cost effective and it may sell in droves, but it’s quite frankly sacrilege!

At the Ideal Wine Company we have based our company on finding quality products for your wine cellar. We believe that you should always strive to let quality speak for itself; that’s why the wines we offer you are wines that can compete with the best on the market. Canned wine really is a step too far.


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