Where to store

Storage & Provenance

As the market for fine wines has developed in recent years, and prices have risen, perfect provenance has become an important factor in ensuring that wines at the point of exit reach their maximum value.

The best way to ensure provenance is to store fine wine in wooden cases in bond (IB) in a bonded warehouse. Bonded warehouses provide the optimum environment for fine wine storage, regulating temperature, humidity and other microclimatic factors.


A number of the most desirable wine brands have been taking measures to battle the counterfeit trade that has sprung up as prices for their wines have soared. The Prooftag system has been adopted by some producers, including all the wines of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (beginning with the 2009 vintage), a technology on all bottles that means that they can be traced and validated upon request.​

Original Casing

Wines that are stored in their original wooden casing (OWC) have the most market desirability. It is often the case that Non-OWC cases sometimes are found in cardboard cases, or in original cases with replacement lids. These tend not to hold the same value on exit.

Duty Paid Cases

Wines that have been removed from bond, and thus have had the Excise Duty and VAT paid on them (DP), will generally command a lesser price than those which have never been removed from bond.

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