Valentine’s Day: Are you ready?

February is well underway, so the international day of love will soon by upon us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can ensure you’re ready with the Ideal Wine Company.

Ready for love

Discount company MyVoucherCodes has released an infographic which looks into how people around the UK plan to celebrate Valentine’s. The firm polled a staggering 2,446 Britons, finding that the South West are the most romantic with 71% of the region planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

The poll also found that nearly half (45%) of Britons plan to buy a gift for their partner this Valentine’s Day and collectively, the country will spend £668 million doing so. MyVoucherCodes also asked people about which gifts they’d like to receive on Valentine’s. Lingerie came top while alcohol came fifth; 25% of people said they’d love to receive something like a good bottle of wine this year.

Popular choice

When looking at how people wish to spend the day, 24% said ‘dinner out.’ Another 24% want a ‘cosy night in’ and 20% are planning a ‘home cooked meal’. With figures like these, it looks like a quality bottle of wine could be a popular gift this Valentine’s. Whatever you choose to cook or eat for the occasion, make sure you pair your dish with the perfect wine in order to give your meal the added decadence the day demands. Planning on something chocolatey? Last Valentine’s we wrote an interesting post on which wine goes well with chocolate.

Popping the question on Valentine’s?

Events company Chillisauce also recently released a whole load of figures in relation to feelings surrounding the 14th February. Figures revealed that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular time to propose – Christmas Eve taking the top spot.

With 2016 being a leap year we might just see more proposals on the horizon, and what better way to celebrate popping the question then popping the cork on a nice bottle of Champagne. If you plan on getting down on one knee this Valentine’s why not purchase a bottle of Veuve Clicquot from the Ideal Wine Company to mark the occasion.

Occasion wines

If your partner is like the 25% of people in the MyVoucherCodes poll who’d love to receive a bottle of wine this Valentine’s Day, show them how much you care by picking the best vintage possible! Come to the Ideal Wine Company; we supply a range of luxury high-end vintages at affordable prices.

Want to find something really special? Go to our Occasions page – here you’ll find a variety of fine wines you can use to celebrate all the special moments in your life. For Valentine’s you might want to go for the Dom Perignon 2000; nothing makes someone feel special like a bottle of Champagne! Or you could always kick it up a notch and buy the Dom Perignon Rose– this delicious rose Champagne is sure to knock your lover’s socks off and give you both a Valentine’s Day to remember!


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