Latest Ideal Wine Company Product: Chateau La Conseillante 2006

At Ideal Wine Company we’re always looking for new products to add to our lists that we know will appeal to you. Thankfully we have years of experience collectively in the wine industry and we use all of our hard fought knowledge and experience to bring you the best value luxury wines for your pleasure.  Occasionally there’s a wine that is so luxurious, so fantastic that when it comes across our path we just have to let you know straight away and let you know just why it’s the perfect bottle to invest in; why it is both a wine drinker and collectors dream. We’ve got one we’re really excited about for you this week.


Welcome to the Chateau La Conseillante. Described on our website as ‘relatively forward and seductive’, this wine is one that when you break it open the smell hits your nostrils and ensnares your senses. It’s a loud, bold red wine that the minute you drink it dances on your tongue and gives you a heady rush as you feel it slide down your throat and warm your gut; the perfect type of wine  to crack open on a cold winters day with a roaring fire and a nice rich lamb meal. It’s a wine that is all about luxurious relaxation; a wine that you can drink to make you sink into a sea of bliss as all your everyday troubles simply melt away.


It’s a drink that holds the concept of richness at its very heart. Pour it into the glass and watch as a shower of dark purple/ruby tinged liquid swills around the glass; a gorgeous colour denoting a sumptuously delicious taste. It has a whole cornucopia of flavours at its disposal to excite your taste buds; these include black raspberries, plums, kirsch, cedar, and liquorice. Noted by many as an ‘ethereal style of pomerol’, it is an incredibly full-bodied vintage that is often noted by drinkers to have a particularly silky texture that makes the drink melt in the mouth.


An experience to be sure, this is the type of wine that has to make your bucket list; it’s too much of an experience not to, and the quality of the bottle on offer to you at £108, an absolute steal when you consider the value of the product in question, is good to drink over a 15 year period as it ages fantastically. This style of wine has been doing well, particularly since the turn of the century and is becoming increasingly popular with wine drinkers who are noting the exemplary qualities this type of wine brings to the table.


The Chateau La Conseillante is one of the best buys you could possibly invest in; especially when it comes to quality red wines. It is an exercise in sumptuous luxury that will leave your head spinning and your taste buds knocked for six.


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