Identifying Counterfeit Wine

It may seem bizarre but there is such a thing as counterfeit wine. Wine is a luxury product. Like all luxury products it’s therefore subject to abuse. There are people out there who see it as an opportunity. Rare wines go for massive amounts of money. At Ideal Wine Company we provide you with luxury bottles for reasonable prices. We’re now talking about the bottles which go for thousands of pounds. It would seem odd to being this up but an article in the Daily Mail has brought it all back into the spotlight.

The article details how wealthy wine connoisseurs are being tricked into buying counterfeit wine. Although the article only deals with this happening to people who can afford the rarest of bottles, it can happen to anyone. It really is a problem in the industry and there isn’t as much awareness of it as there should be.  At the Ideal Wine Company we’re always looking out for our customer’s best interests. We always want to make sure that you get the best deal you possibly can. We always want to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. That is why we’ve identified some of the key issues in identifying counterfeit wine.


Paper of the Label: The rarer, more luxurious bottles of wine have a certain standard they must aspire to. As such, they tend to use a certain quality of paper for their labels. If the paper looks cheap and tears too easily then it’s a sign the wine could be a fake.


Looks Brand New: Luxurious wine tends to be wine which has aged. It has been left in the bottle to mature. So logically if the bottle looks too new, this is a sign that you are in fact about to buy a bottle of counterfeit wine. Look at the state of the bottle, the colour of the paper and the freshness of the ink on the label.


Outrageous: Some bottlers really don’t do their research do they? They decide to be creative and craft a whole new luxury vintage. These are obviously fakes.  If the text on the bottle clashes and has parts from separate wines on it, this is a key sign that it is a fake.


Untraceable: Luxury vintages are quite well known. They have a certain reputation as being the best of the best. You can bet that people will have written about them online somewhere. If you type the name into Google and you can’t find it, or find news of a counterfeit, you’ll know you’re in trouble.


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