Ideal Wine Company Review the Dom Perignon 2000

Ideal Wine Company review the Dom Perignon 2000 and tell you what you need to know about this fantastic luxury tipple.

This week we’d Ideal Wine Company review our current Champagne of choice; the Dom Perginon 2000.

The ultimate luxury tipple

The Ideal Wine Company exists for one purpose. We strive to bring you a wide range of top range tipples including wines, Cognacs and Ports, for prices you can actually afford.

We couldn’t establish ourselves as a provider of luxury alcoholic products without doing everything we could to build up a varied Champagne list. Champagne is the ultimate drink of luxury; the product most consumers choose to quaff when they want to celebrate!

Moet and Chandon’s prestige brand

Nothing says luxury like Dom Perignon. This is a brand of vintage champagne produced by the Champagne House, Moet and Chandon. Named after a monk who was crucial to the development of Champagne, Dom Perignon is Moet and Chandon’s prestige brand.

Dom Perginon is typically made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. This can often give Dom Perginon a seductive quality that makes it a hit with wine enthusiasts across the world. Dom Perignon only supplies vintage Champagnes; as a rule of thumb it doesn’t blend grapes from different years.

The Dom Perignon 2000

We stock several Dom Perignons here at the Ideal Wine Company. This includes the Dom Perginon Brut 1996, the Dom Perignon Rose 1996 and the Dom Perignon 2000.

Although the youngest vintage on this list, the Dom Perignon 2000 is a stellar bottle which has the ability to entrance wine enthusiasts every bit as much as its older competitors. This classic white wine Champagne is a vibrant drink which bursts the minute it hits your palate, releasing scintillating tones of aniseed, ginger, pear and mango. Its characteristic bite makes it the perfect vintage for the summer.

Everything a Champagne should be

You need to buy the Dom Perignon 2000 because it’s everything a Champagne should be; decadent, flavourful and destined to provide you with a wine drinking experience you’ll ever forget. You can purchase the Dom Perignon 2000 from the Ideal Wine Company for as little as £140 per bottle.

Take a look at our blog to see what luxury drinks the Ideal Wine Company review this time next week.


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