How to choose a wine for every occasion

If you get overwhelmed when trying to choose the best wine for a special occasion, you’re not alone! The sheer variety available can seem overwhelming, particularly when you’re out to impress.

And while we’d always encourage choosing something you enjoy above everything else, there are ways to take the pressure off selecting a bottle for that dinner party or gathering.

A wine for every occasion

Look at any wine seller and you’ll find varieties for every season of the year. You’ll find wines grouped into categories for lots of different occasions, endless food and wine combinations and at every conceivable price.

There are white, red, fortified, sweet and rosé wines, and within those you can find light or full-bodied versions, oak-aged wines, very dry wines, very sweet wines, low alcohol versions and wines at 22% proof.

With all of this choice, it’s no wonder some people can find it tricky to choose a wine for a special occasion. Let’s have a look at some options that work well.

A wine for a family party

For a wine that hits the right note on your family occasion, whether it’s a birthday or a meal with your in-laws, go for a fruity and sparkling Cremant de Bordeaux. It’s not too pricey and won’t seem over the top but is suitably delicious and ideal for a celebration.

If you’re having Sunday dinner, and want something a bit special, then try some French sparkling to go with the traditional red. Choose a Spanish merlot to go with a heavy, rich meat and follow with a light Prosecco to freshen up. It gives even a normal Sunday a bit of added pizzazz.

A wine for a romantic night in

While Champagne is often chosen for a bit of romance, don’t underestimate the power of a deep red as well. For a Valentine’s Day dinner, you can’t go wrong with Champagne and oysters.

But if you prefer something spicy, opt for a Plan de Dieu Cotes du Rhone to enhance the meal and spice up your evening.

The ‘will you marry me?’ wine

Again, Champagne might seem the obvious choice, but if you want your proposal to stand out from the crowd, go for a vintage red. A French red like Saint Emilion Grand Cru is deep, dark and satisfying, and the vintage flavour says long-term commitment like nothing else.

The Saturday takeaway wine

Staying in is the new going out, and a Saturday night in can be much more fun than heading into town. If you like your nights in with friends and a takeaway, then grab a bottle of Chianti to go with it.

It’ll add some class to your takeaway and make it feel more like a special feast than a bog-standard pizza.


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