Frosé cocktail trend boosts UK Rosé wine sales

The Frosé cocktail has become this summer’s biggest drinks trend. Rosé wine sales hit new heights throughout summer 2016, powered by the popularisation of these cocktails, new reports confirm.

Summer wine

Light and refreshing, Rosé is the wine of the summer. Boasting rich, fruity flavours, Rosé is perfect for a hot summer’s day while if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can indulge in some summer luxury by splashing out on Rosé Champagne. Top Rosé Champagnes such as the Dom Perignon Rosé 1996, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company, can turn any summer party into a real occasion!

In summer 2016, New York-based bar Primi took Rosé to the next level by creating the Frosé. Arriving in London via the Beaufort House bar these concoctions, which often include pureed strawberries and vermouth, have become really popular. The rise of these cocktails is partially responsible for August’s strong UK wine sales, as Brits whipped up Frosés to deal with summer 2016’s record heat.

Strong Rosé sales

New figures quoted by The Drinks Business suggest that the rise of Frosé cocktails also helped increase British Rosé wine sales this summer. Upmarket chain Waitrose has seen its Rosé wine sales increase by 104% on this time last year. Marks & Spencers’ sales of Chapel Down Rosé Brut, as well as its own English-label Rosé, which is produced in Surrey, climbed by 200% and 100% respectively.

It’s clear that we can at least partially attribute these strong figures to Frosé. The #Frosé hashtag has gathered more than 3,800 Instagram posts, so it was highly popular among millennials, who are fast becoming some of the UK’s most prolific wine drinkers. But Co-Op research indicates that Rosé is the UK’s favourite wine style, so the publics’ strong love of Rosé also probably helped boost sales figures.

Celebration drinks

Commenting on the rise of the Frosé cocktail trend, a Waitrose spokesperson said: “Frosé has taken the nation by storm, fusing together two summer favourites – Rosé and cooling slushes. Preparation is minimal and it can be stored or used in batches, making it perfect for parties.”

Meanwhile when asked about the firm’s strong summer Rosé sales figures, M&S winemaker Sue Daniel noted: “Rosé is made for summer days and celebrations in the sunshine and people are enjoying exploring the different styles the wine has to offer… English wine is going from strength to strength and as we prepare for an Indian summer, sales of English Rosé in particular are flourishing.”

Year-round treat

Summer is now drawing to a close. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Rosé sales are set to slow down as we enter autumn 2016. Rosé wines and Champagnes are delicious products that can be enjoyed year-round, which is perhaps why it beat Prosecco to become the UK’s favourite wine style!


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