Five Interesting Facts About California Wine


You’re in for an education this week on the Ideal Wine Company blog, as we’ve decided to give you five interesting facts about California Wine.

California Wines Are Some of the Best in the World

As a provider of top class luxury wine at prices that won’t break the bank, we feature fine vintages from every corner of the wine making world. This includes France (obviously), Italy, Australia and of course… California.

Any wine enthusiast knows that California has grown over the last century, into one of the most prolific makers of quality wine in the world. Vintages from the hills and valleys of California boast tastes on a par with those produced in the vineyards of Bordeaux.

Ideal Wine Company Bets You Never Knew These Five Facts about California Wine

Yet even if you’re the most avid drinker of California wine, it might surprise you what you really don’t know about it. So for all the enthusiasts out there, here are five interesting facts you never knew about California wine…

1)      It is the US’s Leading Wine Producer: Believe it or not, California has a monopoly when it comes to US viticulture. It produces 90% of the country’s wine!


2)      Most of California is Wine Country: As of 2005, a total of 46 of the Golden State’s 58 counties grow grapes destined to end up in a bottle of wine. That’s 522,000 acres of land, making practically all of California wine country!


3)      It Began With Missionaries: California wasn’t always a wine growing region. It wasn’t until the 18th Century that the tradition took root in the Golden State, when it was first introduced by missionaries who needed to grow wine for their religious practices.


4)      It’s the Most Popular Wine inside the US: Not only is it the most produced wine in the US, it’s the most consumed. Roughly 700 million gallons of wine are drunk stateside every year, and 63% of those gallons are California wine – two out of every three bottles consumed.


5)      It’s Good for the Environment: Sustainable wine growing has become ever more popular in California over recent years, meaning 40% of wine currently produced in the region is created by using sustainable wine growing practices, making California wine very good for the environment!

California Wine is Awesome!

There you are – five interesting facts about California wine. What Ideal Wine Company wants to leave you with today is an impression of just how ‘awesome’ (we’re getting American here!) California wine really is!


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