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Barolo: An untapped wine region and great investment opportunity

When growers in a region announce back-to-back great vintages, there will always be scepticism by experts surrounding such announcements, and this scepticism is well placed. Consider Bordeaux in 2009, which was sold as the vintage of a lifetime but subsequently a decade later is trading at a much lower price. That being said, new releases and potential branches for investment in untapped wine regions continue to be sought out regularly, one of which that has recently being gaining momentum is Barolo.

Referred to as the ‘King of Wine’, Barolo is produced from the Nebbiolo grape which can be found in north-western Italy, specifically in Piemonte. It is one of the first varieties of wine to bud and also one of the last to ripen as the harvest usually takes place around mid-to-late October.

Barolo continues to be an untapped market. Whilst there have been some commendable varieties to come from this region, outside of a handful of estates, there are several varieties that continue to build a reputation for themselves, which makes Barolo one to watch.

Quality and Value

One of the driving factors that had led to investors considering Barolo an untapped market is both its quality and value. Since 2000, Barolo has consistently brought out a couple of good vintages per decade. That being said, in today’s market and as a result of climate change, we are seeing a difference in style and as a result consistently higher quality. This, alongside an increase in the number of skilled and experienced growers has led to Barolo producing more frequent vintages of excellent quality.

Whilst the overall quality of this wine continues to improve, being a refined and classy drink that you can enjoy in deep glasses filled high, you do not necessarily need deep pockets to be able buy it. Granted, some of the higher end varieties can be expensive but generally speaking, Barolo is very affordable. 

The Future for Barolo

Due to the perfect blend of ripe fruit and experienced wine makers involved in its creation, Barolo’s standing has been elevated. Whilst some still may dismiss the region, a prime example being a well-known Bordeaux enthusiast commenting on Barolo by simply saying, “Isn’t that a region in north-west Italy?” People are now being made to recognise the standing that it does and will continue to hold in the future. It is a vintage people will no doubt continue to hear positive things about and certainly a region that any passionate investor in wine should consider.

The above is especially relevant given the fact more people are recognising Barolo as a potentially untapped market that is yet to reach its full potential. With more people as a result purchasing and drinking this wine, its price will subsequently increase as the overall market supply goes down.

To Conclude

Whilst the practice of looking for untapped markets in wine is commonplace, that is not to say that any potential findings are not met with scepticism. Rightly so, given previous wines that have been praised as sound investments have seen their value decrease in recent decades. That does not mean to say; however, that there are not untapped regions whose value we expect to increase still out there. A prime example of this is Barolo.

The appropriately named King of Wine has had consistent increases in quality in recent years, producing regularly great vintages thanks to a blend of fruitful flavours and experienced growers. Not to mention that this wine, in comparison to others of a similar calibre, is surprisingly cheap.

Barolo is a vintage that any reasonable person can recognise as an exciting region whose wines are likely to increase in value, and whilst scepticism in such assessments are right to be considered, there is no reason to believe they will apply here.

If you are thinking of investing in Barolo, or any other wine for that matter, it may be worth considering contacting experts before you do to gather more information.


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